How To Plant Cashew Trees

Fresh seeds germinate readily, so if you know of a cashew tree in your area, or have another way of getting hold of fresh seeds (that's the whole thing, shell and all, not just the nut!), you can grow cashew trees from seed. But be aware that cashew seeds don't grow true to type, meaning, the plant you get is not identical to the parent. It may not fruit as much or taste as nice.

Some fruit tree nurseries stock seedling or grafted trees. Commercial growers usually propagate their own. If you have a grower in the area you may be able to buy the stock of him/her.

If you want to grow your cashew trees from seeds you can start them in pots or put them straight in the ground. Keep them moist and they should sprout within four or five days.

Best planting time? When you can get hold of fresh seed. The sooner you plant it, the better.

Select a well-drained spot (cashew trees don't like wet feet or heavy clay soils), preferably a place that has some protection from strong winds.

Mature trees need about 10 meters/30 feet distance between them and them to grow to 12 meters/40 feet tall.